5 Steps to Manifest Bliss by Aligning Your Beliefs, Thoughts, and Actions

For anyone who is at all familiar with the “Law of Attraction” or “Manifesting, ” then you know that to improve your life, you must begin by changing your thoughts. 15-minute-manifestation-review.com

I’m going to invert the process. I have found that as a way to manifest a joyful life, you must first give attention to your actions. Your activities directly impact your results and the manifestation of your desires. Also, many times, your desires will meet you through the regular actions you take. 

So Step one is to keep a manifesting journal to track your progress. You can buy a new journal or recycle the one that words. This journal will in order to keep you accountable and on track toward reaching your goals. Make certain you date all of your entries.

2 is, for 1 week, take note of in your manifesting record everything you do that takes over an hour or so. To get example, if you eat something veryyyy sexy, which takes about 10 minutes — no need to write this down. But, if you eat lunch with a friend during lunch, and it takes 90 minutes — definitely note it in your journal. Track record your activities and their corresponding times from the moment you wake up, to when you go to bed.

3 is to write down your desires. What do you really want in life? More delight? More money? to meet your soulmate? Whatever it is that you desire, write it down. As you are writing it down, stay in tuned with any emotions or thoughts that come up while you are recording your beliefs.

Step four is to record the philosophy that may be standing up in on your path of realizing. Do you want more income and time freedom, but believe you have to struggle and word hard for money? Write it down.

Step 5 is to review your diary. Thus giving you a very detailed analysis of where you are right now. Decide whether your philosophy, thoughts, and actions are aligned with your wishes. If they’re not, record new beliefs that can assist you reach your goal. Also, record actions you can learn to take right now to drive more aligned with your desires.

Review your diary every half a year. Repeat these steps if necessary. Simply by holding yourself accountable, you stand a far better potential for reaching your goals. Good luck! Happy Express!

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