A Review of Popular Wood Stove Manufacturers

There are lots of world renowned wood wood stove manufacturers which make a variety of quality products. Some companies focus in making traditional solid wood stoves while other make cutting edge stoves with new and technologically advanced features. Some major wooden stove manufacturers are Nation Flame, Morso, and Krog Iversen.

Country Flame has been making wood ovens since 1978. This Missouri based company makes a variety of products including wood ranges, fireplaces, furnaces, and fireside inserts. Country Flame presented their wood stove as a cost-effective option heating system option for folks who were hit hard by the recession. Now, Country Flare is on the slicing edge of wood wood stove manufacturers, winning the exclusive Vesta award in 2002 at the National HPBA Show. Wood Stove Reviews

The Danish company Morso has been a major wood stove maker since 1853. Morso started out making fine cast flat iron wood stoves for folks worldwide, and continue that custom to day. Now, in addition to Morso make some of the best traditional shed iron wood stoves on the market, they are also innovators, constantly arriving up with new and original designs to charm to buyers with an even more modern taste. Some new designs look almost like artistically designed television set units. These models feature smooth, shiny iron construction and use advanced technology to distribute their warmth. 

One other Danish company called Krog Iversen also makes worldclass wood stoves. Krog Iversen was were only available in 1978 during the worldwide oil problems. Founder Henning Krog Iversen realized that there was a great demand for heating systems that used fuels aside from oil. This individual thought that traditional wooden stoves would provide a good alternative to other expensive and inefficient heat systems. His idea paid off, and Krog Iversen is now a respectable wood stove manufacturer, conveying its products to countries about the world.

There are many other wood range manufacturers around the world. With wood stoves providing economical and efficient warming, it is likely that demand will still increase, making room looking for even more wood stove manufacturers.

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