A Review on “Circumstance” by Maryam Keshavarz

By simply recent years, several Iranian women have made motion pictures about Iran. Although they live in several countries outdoors Iran, they share similar social characteristics. All these movies also share recurring topics. I have recently seen three films: Circumstance by Maryam Keshavarz, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and My personal Tehran for Sale by Granaz Mousavi. There are some more similar girl directors whom I avoid discuss in details here. Let us see first how these directors discuss same social characteristics and then review recurring topics in their movies focusing Circumstance. دانلود قسمت 11 یازدهم سریال عاشقانه رایگان

Growing up in Bed of Roses. Truly, only a tiny portion of Iranian society can manage to pay for their children to analyze and are in a foreign country. Maryam Keshavarz, like Satrapi and Mousavi has grown up in a wealthy family. Every one of them rose up in prepared families. And all of them are beautiful. This kind of appears to be ridiculous to include these factors in an academic review. However, this is the very point. Because of their personal and social characteristics, they have been socialized in a manner that they can hardly tolerate to be challenged. Also, not only their families, but also weak men frequently have made them sure that they can be always right. These varieties of children are also taught that their needs and wishes should immediately be attained, no matter how it costs to others. The moment these children come to adulthood, something bitter begins to happen. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have any objective to bend to their wills. Social norms are also disgusting, as they don’t know any border for their will. Subsequently, they start challenging all social norms. And one important foundation of every society, is family. 

Misadnry. For their socio-economic status, these varieties of women have been in contact with a certain kind of men. These men are mostly selfish, dependent and weak. These are 3 characteristics that a girl hates most for her man to obtain. Rather than accepting the responsibility of managing the needs of your woman, these men desire a mother to help them pull themselves together. As a result, every woman who comes into love with such men, will pay a heavy emotional cost. And, if that woman has been raised in the sack of roses and has recently been taught that her needs must be met immediately regardless of what it costs for others, these emotional consequences will be irremediable. Retries with other similar men only will worsen the situation. Moreover, human beings has manhood. Men are in their nature imperious. Our female directors have never tolerated any respected treatment. Men and their damn authoritative mood are at the same time tasty and disgusting. Nevertheless, the latter is somewhat more practical for our female administrators. Therefore, these women despise every man on the globe. Every man is understood as infidel, self-centered, maniac and weak.

Negative Understanding of the Iranian Lifestyle and Society. All the directors mentioned -and not mentioned- above, have resided in Iran and were in contact with Iranian culture and society. Nevertheless, they may have poor knowledge of the Iranian society and culture. They have already been raised up in a very ideal situation. They have been advised we were holding -and are- the bests. Therefore, they have never felt a need to get out of their cave and see how others live and feel. Moreover, they have been surrounded by other males and females who are from the same socio-economic group. On their behalf, Iran is a tiny number of former -and present- aristocrats who have enough money to cover their social activities. Unfortunately, this group consists below one percent of the Iranian culture.

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