Antique Wood Flooring Installation

Set up

Installing antique flooring is an important process. You have to be sure that you install properly, or otherwise it can be the difference between a great floor and a huge chaos. You should take into consideration how long you will be storing the wood before installing it. This is important because if the wood is stored for too long in a harsh environment, it can become warped. So make certain to store the real wood in a clean dry out area at the proper temperature, approximately 65 to 75 degrees. Next, you should prepare the floor for installation, make certain to remove any debris and carpeting. Also, be sure that the floor is level, spending dry for installation. This kind of task of pre-installation is one of the main and so few actually know the value of the step in the installation process. hardwood flooring refinishing Houston

Antique collectible flooring is done by the glue-down method, or it is nailed down using large nailing machines, which nail the panel to the floor. Once you have prepared the flooring and nailed it down, it can the time for you to sand. You have to be careful within this process, because you do not want to over sand and damage the antique flooring, softly sand until it has smooth finish. Then you must clean it to remove any dust from the sanding process, by using a duster or a pressure. Then you certainly are ready for the finishing process, and this is the ultimate touch in making your antique floor beautiful and gleaming. Presently there are a variety of different finishes to make use of, and most people prefer the look of the unstained version of the solid wood due to the natural beauty. 

When your finish has recently been applied, in addition to successfully followed instructions; the ground should be dried out, and then you’re ready to move furniture in the room. The installation process is something that you should pay a great deal of attention to, because it can alter the entire look of your room. It is important to read all the instructions and follow them carefully. Without following a proper instructions for installation, you could wrap up with a generally bad experience that may cost you more than it can worth. If you simply cannot find the right instructions how to install you can speak to a professional, or go online to obtain the needed information.

Remarks on Installation

Although antique collectible floors are beautiful, it does not come with no price. The installation cost can be slightly expensive, as with most wooden floors. But, this is something to be expected due to diligence and proper care involved in the process. When hiring someone to install antique flooring in your home, be certain to browse about the several companies before zeroing in on the the one that can give you the best selection on installation. Make sure that they may be a well-trusted company. This should leave you with an awesome floor that you are sure to love and keep loving for years to come.

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