Battlefield 3: The New King of Console FPS Games?

Once folks think of Initial person shooter (FPS) video games, Call of duty is almost always the name that is synonymous with FPS gaming. For better or worse, COD has been a juggernaut when it comes to FRAMES PER SECOND console gaming. However, in February 2011, DICE (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment) revealed they were working on Battlefield 3, and this sent shockwaves through the gaming community. Pertaining to the first since june 2006, they were releasing an immediate sequel to Battlefield 2, one of the greatest FPS games in history. Not only was Battlefield 3 highly hyped, but it was also arriving out every week before Current Warfare 3. It quickly became a Battlefield. as opposed to. Call of Duty competition for FPS supremacy. This kind of became an indirect communication to infinity ward that after 4 years, their reign as the nobleman of FPS games was being challenged and possibly ending. Now after almost 12 months of both games released and all the hype is fully gone, would Battlefield 3 dethrone Contact of Duty as the king of console FRAMES PER SECOND games? driving school 2017 coin hack

Graphics, Sound, and Setting:

Battlefield 3 is set in the next to future. The game is principally a multiplayer game, but it does have a single player campaign function. In the single marketing campaign, you take control of various military businesses such as a force recon marine, a Russian specifications ops officer, an F-18 fighter pilot, and a M1A2 tank operator. The storyplot of Battlefield 3 is surprisingly interesting and appealing. As you may progress through the story there are many twists and turns. The main themes of the storyplot are an upcoming war in 2014 which spans from Iran to France. Battlefield 3 does a good job of blending the action and the tale together. Overall, Battlefield 3 has a solid *single player story. 

While the story is solid, a huge question that numerous people wonder about are the graphics. When DICE displayed Battlefield 3 at video gaming conventions, the graphics viewed phenomenal. The footage of the tank and the sands of Karkland were absolutely incredible. The level of detail was hidden in any other game before this.

However, everything footage was pre-rendered and expected to look good. When placed in a timely setting with thousands of changing variables, did BF3 deliver the same amount of intensity and abundant realism in it’s images? It absolutely did. Battlefield 3 is merely put a beautiful game, DICE put $100 million dollars into marketing and it’s noticeable they wanted to show off a product or service they are proud of. Battlefield 3? s graphics are made over a new Frostbite 2 engine and new personality animation technology called ISH. The frostbite engine allows the sport to create tremendous details, dynamic shadows, and smooth textures all through a sizable environment while really all destructible. The ISH character animation is outstanding, every soldier looks extremely realistic with facial movement that change when the action gets hotter.

The sole player campaign in Battlefield 3 spans many locations including Iran, Ny, and Paris. Most of the areas are urban with many buildings and CHOP did a great job adding clear detail to each area. There are a lot of vibrant colors and Battlefield 3 has great distance terrain.

The graphics in the multi-player maps are also very impressive. There are dokuz main maps, not including the downloadable content. These kinds of maps are Caspian Roomer, Damavand Peak, Grand bazaar, Kharg Island, Noshahr Waterways, Operation Firestorm, Operation City, Seine Crossing, and Tehran Highway. Each of these maps has it’s unique elements and style. CHOP did an admirable job of making the multi-player experience different in each map. Caspian Boarder is a forested map, which is very large. It consists of buildings and forests and is excellent for sniping and using vehicles. Damavand peak is set in a dark and bitter market place. Kharg Isle is placed in a rugged island and has an ocean surrounding it. Noshahr Canals is placed in an professional area with numerous canals you do struggle in.

Seine Crossing is a bright colored map focused in Paris. Tehran Highway is the previous main map and it can focused in an downtown area in Iran during the night time. Overall, the graphics in Battlefield 3 are exceptional, from the single player campaign to the diverse multiplayer maps, there is plenty of variety in each map graphically.

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