Chess Pieces and Their Roles in the Game

A wooden chess set can be an interesting game. Contrary to the overall plastic ones we often find at the store, these pieces have a tendency to have more personality and class associated with them. They can add style and increase the overall feeling of any room they are in. Nevertheless the best part of a wood chess set is getting to play it. If you’ve never played out chess before, there is nothing to worry about. The game is not hard to learn, just hard to perfect. cool chess set

Each of the taking part in pieces has a specific role attached to it. As you learn to play the game on your wooden chess place, you will become more comfortable in the understanding of what each one can do. So go grab those wooden mentally stimulating games pieces, and we’ll check out each one. 


The pawn is the most underrated piece on the chessboard. Usually, these bits are depicted as a single line with a ball for a mind. These pieces can open up with a single progress or jump ahead two spaces. After this, they can simply move one space forward until blocked. Once a piece is straight diagonal to them, the pawn can capture it. Many people use pawns to snag pieces as part of a snare, but if they make it for all the models, they can give you a part back. There are 8-10 pawns that line up in front of your heavy hitters.


This kind of is what is apparently a castle. The rook can move any number of spaces up or down, left to write except if blocked by one of your own pieces. Although never able to move diagonally, your rook can be considered a powerful piece when used wisely. There are two of these chessmen that occupy the even edges of the plank when setup.


A unique piece that appears like a horse’s head. It might jump around the table within an L-shaped design. Because of its limited options, it can be difficult to use, so plan ahead several takes on to master what you are going to do. Many people forget about this piece until it snags one of their pieces.


These look like taller pawns. A single commences on a dark space and the other commences on a light space. The sunshine square-shaped bishop can only stick to light colored squares and the dark squared bishop is confined to the dark ones. They can move in any indirect line as long as it is open and mounted on the square they are on.


This kind of single piece is the most powerful piece on the board. She can be spotted as the tall piece with the enclosed crown. She can move along any of the squares that are directly linked to her. Front, back, and indirect, there isn’t a limit to where she can go. Bearing in brain that, you must protect her as well as you protect your ruler. Losing your queen can be devastating.

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