Could the Earth Survive the Polar Shifts in 2012?

Viewed the theories of the polar shifts in 2012 that are supposed to affect Earth? You will discover an ever growing number of believers that encourage all of us to subscribe to the notion of the soil undergoing polar shifts in the year 2012. What is this based on and exactly how exactly could this possibly happen to the earth? last day on earth survival hack

As many people are already aware, the soil rotates on an axis. This axis is shifted at the angle that it is due to the polar opposites. While the earth tilts and wobbles away onto her axis, we are able to locate the geographical north pole and the physical south pole. It is important to understand, however, that the geographical poles of the earth are in fact not the magnetic poles of the planet earth. In fact, the magnet poles of the globe are some distance from the geographical sites. 

Advocates assume that the earth will undergo a series of polar shifts in 2012. This means that the earth will “flip” on its axis and the south pole will become north and the north will be flipped to become the south. What affect will this have on the planet globe? There could be no other word for this outcome than absolutely disastrous.

Any polar shifts in 2012 would incur major environmental upheavals. There would be tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornado’s and hurricanes. The planet earth would undergo some of the most dramatic changes that could ever happen. It would be directed into absolute calamity and the likelihood of living through such a cataclysmic event would be so small that to do so would make you completely destitute without electricity and communication options.

For the earth to face extremely shifts during 2012, it could certainly mean the end to the absolute great majority of mankind. However there doesn’t seem to be to be any real caution or governmental stance on this event occurring containing incited many to assume that it is a conspiracy theory and hide.

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