Daiwa Saltist Saltwater Reels for Surf Casting and Boat Review

Bringing out Daiwa’s new Saltist, with the features and durable Full-Metal Jacket construction needed by today’s ultra-strong wrapped lines and mono lines. Decide on standard 4. dokuz to at least one retrieve or new extra high speed 6. 4 to at least one retrieve models that tear in over 1. 2 metres of line jointly crank, just the plane ticket for Kingfish.¬†Daiwa Saltwater Reels


Tough, all-metal construction with tight, one-piece aluminum frame

CRBB shielded, Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings on spool 

Smart Drag

Total of four ball bearings and painting tool bearing

Up to thirty greater winding power

Lightweight aluminum rod clamp

Powerful, high strength alloy gears

Dual Anti-Reverse systems

Dual-position power deal with

Full-Metal Construction

Virtually all components are metal for maximum reliability.

Up To 22% Greater Drag Utmost!

Stainless and grease-impregnated dietary fiber washers offer super-smooth lug with up to 22% greater drag max than similar reels.
Model Items Line Every

Number Actions Bearings Ratio Handle Convert Weight Line Capacity (mm/m) Max Move

STT30TH CUBIC CENTIMETERS 2 CRBB, 2 BB, 1 RB 6. 4: 1. 2m 680g. 37/500,. 40/450,. 43/400 9kg

STT40H M 2 CRBB, 2 BB, 1 RB six. 4: 1 ) 2m 690g. 40/575,. 43/525,. 47/475 9kg

STT50H MH 2 CRBB, 2 BB, you RB 6. 4: one particular. 2m 720g. 43/625,. 47/575,. 52/525 9kg

The fly fishing reel is a very thrilling new reel that is designed to deliver a new level of performance for about R1600 (about $250). The Daiwa Saltist reel is within the reach of most fishermen and is by no means a stripped down reel to save costs. The reel features a Full-Metal Jacket construction and nearly all components are metal for maximum stability. Additionally, there are many more performance boosting features that are only available much more expensive reels.

The Daiwa Saltist has an impressive resemblance to the best rated Daiwa Saltiga. The Daiwa Saltist reel is like the Saltiga and is built to deal with the strong braided lines as well as monofilament lines. The frame and sideplates are all created of rigid high rank aluminum alloy to overcome body flex. The fly fishing reel has a 4. being unfaithful: 1 gear ratio which is capable of pulling in on the metre of range jointly turn of the handle. The reel has four ball bearings and a roller bearing which provide for a competent drive train. Daiwa’s special CRBB anti-corrosion ball bearings assisting the Saltist’s spool.

The gears are machined from Daiwa’s exclusive hi-strength blend stock. These gears have very tight tolerances for extra high strength and an easy retrieve feel. With a powerful percentage and rigid frame support the Saltist should deliver exceptional winding power right out of the package.

The Daiwa Saltist fly fishing reel comes with a similar wet pull system to the Saltiga with stainless and oil impregnated fiber washers which offer super smooth move pressure. This ensures that maximum contact is preserved with each disc’s surface and the drag remains super smooth even if in the heat of the battle.

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