Depression and Erectile Function – Psychology of Sexuality

A current research showed that the mind activity is totally different during sexual activity. That is why men with depression have difficulty in creating a satisfactory life. The serotonin level in depressed patients is lower than normal adults.

In the event the depression is cared for with the right drugs, their erectile function will also improve significantly. Nevertheless the class of drugs known as SSRI antidepressants are being used to treat despression symptoms in men. But sadly these drugs also cause erection problems in 65% of men taking SSRI for depression.

Depression and IMPOTENCE are really inter related. If perhaps a man is emotionally depressed, he will have erectile dysfunction and likewise a male who has lovemaking dysfunction because of some other medical condition may have depression. So if a depressed man taking drugs for your will eventually have ED. 

The recent research implies that in men undergoing treatment for depressive disorder, the new class of drugs called PDE5 has improved their erectile function. So in turn it paves a way to decrease their depression too. So with PDE5 course drugs both erectile function and symptoms of despression symptoms improved. Viagra, levitra, cialis belongs to the PDE5 class of medication.

One other study reveals that hidden cardiovascular disease may also lead to erectile problems. Since the cardiac result is low in such patients, the penile blood circulation will be somewhat less than normal even though they can be sexually aroused. The use of PDE5 class drugs had significantly lower bloodstream pressure and heart rate, improvement in measures of oxygen consumption and co2 dioxide production.

This research confirms the successful remedying of ED wit PDE5 category drugs in CHF could hardly only improve sexual human relationships but overall quality and success of CHF treatment.

PDE5 class drugs obstructions the activity of the enzyme phospodiesterase type 5 which is active in multiple tissues and cellular material. Therefore the effects of PDE5 class drugs are increased production of nitric o2, which is directly in charge of smooth muscle relaxation. This kind of increases the functioning of heart and blood ships.

Reasons for erectile malfunction are psychologic and organic and natural in nature.

Harmonal problems or psychologically induced impotence problems, stable heart disease, manipulated diabetes, manipulated hypertension, serious dialysis and kidney hair transplant, Parkinson’s disease, mild to moderate conjestive heart inability, taking antidepressants like SSRI inhibitors like prozac are organic and natural in nature.

Internal factors for erectile problems are many but frequently it is related to depression, performance anxiety, significant other relation or stress and many others.

Organic factors include vascular, harmonal, drug induced. A few medical conditions like hypertonie, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, neurological disorders also lead to erectile problems. Drinking too much alcoholic beverages and smoking are also contributing factors in organic and natural ED.

Exercising the pelvic floor muscles, i. at the kegel exercise improved blood vessels supply to pelvis and strengthens pelvic muscles. Following doing kegel exercise for 3 months many men reported increase in erection function. Lifestyle changes from sedentary nature also chip in to satisfactory sexual life. as well as to overcome mental depression.

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