Do Synthetic Motor Oils Cause Leaks?

Simply no they do not! Various of the world’s major auto manufacturers require the utilization of synthetic motor natural oils as “factory fill” including Porsche and Mercedes. Actually GM requires it in most vehicles including the Corvette. Best oil filters

Thus what’s going on? For what reason the stories about the guy who put artificial oil in the car after having no engine oil leaks running for perhaps several years using petroleum motor oil. After that instantly he finds trickles after having a few weeks. Here’s what’s heading on. 

Synthetic oil moves more readily than petroleum oil does so if you have an outflow it will tend to leak from it more freely. This however is caused by an all ready failing seal. Certainly not by the oil itself.

Petroleum motor oils are notorious for forming can be know as a “false seal” Varnish and crud will build up around a failing seal over time and help keep a more viscous petroleum oil from leaking. Man-made oils that are highly detergent will clean off the build up and expose the all ready failing seal. There’s your leak!

For this reason I suggest that artificial oil’s only be used in mechanically sound machines. If you have a leaking seal replace it prior to installing fabricated oil.

I have also seen many where old engines start to run oil because some herbal oils have poor permanent close compatibility. Contact with these low grade oils causes the seals to harden and seal poorly.

All electric motor oil, synthetic and petroleum alike contain chemicals as part of the chemicals that are added to the oil that are there to keep engine seals pliable also to cause mild swelling so the seal works properly. Several oils are better at this function then others. Another reason cheap engine oil is no great buy in the long term!

The additive’s in Amsoil’s synthetic oils are so great at conditioning engine seals that there have been many cases where engines with slight essential oil seeps sealed back up after a few 1000 miles of driving. That being said if the seal is shot all you can do is get it fixed; no oil will fix it, synthetic Included.

Amsoil Incorporation developed the first full synthetic motor oil in 1972 to achieve North american Petroleum Institute recognition now is considered the world leader in synthetic engine oils and lubrication.

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