Fish Tanks Filters – How to Choose the Right One for Your Aquarium

In the following paragraphs I’m going to provide you a basic guide how to choose the best fish tanks filters for your aquarium size. Appropriate filtration is an important aspect in your aquarium tank stability if you buy a tool that may have enough capacity to properly cycle your drinking water than you can have a huge algae problem, the level of ammonia will certainly raise and it can be dangerous for your fish. best fish tank filter

OK enough talking here are the guidelines:

For small storage containers 5-20 gallons

The very best solution for small aquariums is the cloth or sponge filter it is cheap and provides both neurological and mechanical filtration. In the event that you have a reservoir around 20 gallon symbol you can also use small power filter or canister. 

For medium size tanks 20-50 gallons

You have a major choice in filters with this fish tank size. You can still use sponge filters but to be certain your fish tank is properly filtered you should go with electricity filter/ bio wheel filtration (cheapest) or buy a canister filter which is little more expensive but doesn’t take space around your tank ( you can put it in the cabin below). Electric power filters will provide physical and chemical filtration, special kind of power filtration system – bio wheel filtration will provide some neurological filtration. Canister filter requires care of all 3 steps of filtration ( by having cases with replaceable filtration material).

You can incorporate one of the above with under gravel filter to improve your biological filtration.

For large size tanks 50-200

In 50-100 gallon range you can still use ability filters, but you should probably choose bucket filtration cause they give more overall flexibility ( removable filtration material) plus more flow rate ( gallons per hour)

You can still use under gravel filters as support.

If you have an aquarium over 90 gallons you should purchase more professional bucket filtration system ( they are kind of expensive) or you can also build a filter yourself! Such filtration is called sump and many DYI projects on the internet.

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