Ghajini Hindi Vs Ghajini Tamil

The Tamil Ghajini, released in 2005, was a travelling across success. Surya, the good guy, established his occurrence in the Tamil (and Sth Indian) Film industry. Yet the hype about the movie before its release and also during its early on days is nothing when compared to what Aamir Khan’s Ghajini is facing. A week ahead of the release, it was Ghajini everywhere – from the head of frizzy hair cut to the 8 packs to Asin, anyone and anything related with Ghajini came within the eye of the press. So definitely, the media hype factor is within favour of the Hindi movie. Following all the blend of Aamir and A. 3rd there’s r. Rahman has always spurred interest in the movie going public. tamiltunes

Surya performed an awesome job portraying a rich guy fallen in love with a bubbling middle class girl. And he did well at the “short term recollection loss” patient role as well. But his performance is nothing compared to what Aamir Khan, one of the better actors of India, has done in the movie. He has lived the role and done both periods of the character’s life with elan and perfection that only an actor like Aamir khan can. Surya is no pushover, but the experience of Aamir will come in his aid. Ghajini Hindi ratings again. 

Coming to the primary lady Asin, she has done a wonderful job in the two versions. Although her performance in the Tamil version was better and maybe acting with someone like Aamir acessed her down somewhat. A good performance and a great intro into Bollywood, nevertheless. Jiah Khan has been doing her role decent enough and is better than Nayantara who did that role in Tamil. But it should be said that these two females were lacking a lot in the movies and also the character was some what limited and problematic, to be fair.

Music, of course, A. 3rd there’s r. Rahman outshines his erstwhile assistant Harris Jeyaraj, when considering to the songs. The BGM in the Hindi movie is harsh sometimes and I daresay Harris Jeyaraj has scored over A. R. R in this aspect. Song picturizations were fantastic in the Tamil version and the Bekha and Guzarish music can never really match up with the Oru Maalai and Suttum Vizhi of the Tamil version. The Asin intro tune is better in the Hindi movie, but overall, the Tamil movie benefits in regards to picturization.

Arriving to direction, Murugadoss has proved his mettle once again. The remake has minor changes from the Tamil one, nevertheless the ejaculation, which was pitiable in the Tamil version has been changed and is far more better. And the name Ghajini now has a link to the storyline ( dont want to provide any spoilers here), as the Tamil one didn’t have one main.

Ok, Aamir has done an improved job, but what about his chemistry with Asin. The chemistry is awesome between the two. It must be seen to be thought. But, the chemistry between Surya and Asin was even better and was one of the major reasons why film development company was a huge hit. The pair was so natural on display, so the Surya- Asin pair scores over Aamir- Asin pair.

The orgasm had gaping flaws in Ghajini Tamil and thank goodness, they have been dealt out with in the Hindi Movie. The climax is now more in touch with the story and comes within the sphere of acceptable logic.

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