Good Website Design Is Crucial to an Effective Digital Marketing Plan

Your internet site design is critical to the success in using digital marketing as part of your marketing plan.

In his book ‘The 7 Habits of Remarkably effective People’, Steven Covey reveals habit number two to be ‘Begin with the End in Mind’, so that’s where you will start, be clear on what you want your visitor to do, when they visit your website!

The most important thing you must do prior to doing nearly anything with your website is to have a clear view of what you want the customer to do once that they visited your site. 

Do you need them to call, send a message, request more information or even buy your product or service.

Most websites don’t have this focus, they are really simply all gloss with nothing at all to say and more serious nothing for the customer to do!

So the customer just happens on to your site, looks around for a while and leaves, with you falling our with their brain as quickly as mag article scanned while being placed in a waiting room.

Determine what you want your customer to.

This is the first step in your sales cycle so make a small, clear and easy one.

Find out Your Customer

Make a clear view of your customer.

What stage of life are they in?
In which do they live?
Thus what do they for a living?
Exactly what are their important values and morals?
What are their desires and fears?
Develop as detailed a profile of your customer as possible.

This is termed as a customer avatar. Giving you customer avatar a name and even creating an image of which will really help bring the those to life.

The biggest mistake many organisations make is saying that everybody is a potential customer, selling to most people are providing to no-one.

To be effective you must sell to one person – Your Avatar

Target the Right Keywords

Your customers are online looking for you! Make sure you meet them where they are looking!

A high proportion of them are searching Google looking for answers, Google has 70% of all Search Traffic, so Google is the best destination to start.

Use the Google keyword tool to get an inside trail on what your potential customer is searching for online. This tool provides historical analysis of what folks are searching for online.

Therefore now we now have a sturdy base for continuing to move forward, we have:

The action we wish the customer to take once they visit our website
Our customer avatar which we use see the our potential customer as a real person
The keywords they are using on Yahoo to find us
Right now we can design a site in order to our customers!

Patrick Cumiskey is the founder of the Business Owners Academy.

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