Have An Adventure Every Day

Excursion is defined as an “unusual and exciting, typically hazardous experience or activity. ” Synonyms are take advantage of, escapade, deed, feat, experience.

I truly feel that an adventure can be less hazardous and just simple fun. There are many types of adventures and there is not a “one size fits all” definition! What do We mean? Read my thoughts about adventures below:

you ) An adventure is what is made it!  how to become an adventurer

Heading to Walmart is definitely an excitement. You can choose to see life as a schedule or you can see life as an adventure!

installment payments on your Your adventure can be within!

Reading a good book is an adventure that I individually love. In case you are ever fed up, tired of the tv or it’s raining – grab a GOOD reserve! In case you aren’t sure what might be a good book for you, ask your friends on Facebook or visit your local library. You will notice that others want to suggest good literature.

My daughters enjoy reading. My youngest explained that she was fed up of reading about adventures in catalogs and she was ready to have her PERSONAL adventures! I hope that she does have her own adventures! Look away world for this guy!

3. Adventures can bring a risk or facing your fears.

Are you the “adventurous” type who rock climbs, swims with the sharks or is in love with skydiving? Then you are what most people think of as an buccaneer. Being somebody who adores to take risks using their body takes a special person whom I enjoy greatly. I enjoy heading on an adventure by traveling, but I’m not the daredevil type.

What about a fear that you have got? Are you afraid of public speaking, riding a horse or maybe you are afraid to make a new life for yourself? Fears can certainly be a strong emotional and physical barrier to overcome. But, many of you get over your fears with the aid of others, time or by facing your fears head on. Stepping to be able to face your concerns is an adventure!

4. Your adventure can be a life event!

Obtaining married, moving to a new town, having a baby – all life events that are certainly an adventure! You might not exactly consider life events an adventure because they are “natural” to you or maybe even expected as the next phase of your life.

Many of you are expected to go to college, get married and have a family. Sounds boring when keying about that – but it’s NOT boring! The life is an excursion!

Starting a new business or changing careers can be exciting, scary and satisfying. Yet, I applaud people who have the courage to take this grand adventure of starting their own business or doing what they love.

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