How Free Song Downloads For Computer Users Became A Thing

There is also a trend toward free music downloads for computer use that has been on the rise at least since Napster and probably before. The development of this trend is interesting, because 100 years in the past, the idea of free music would have recently been absurd. Naturally, two hundred or so years ago, the idea of owning music at all or accessing famous works outside of a live performance would have been absurd. Impossible, even. song download

So what happened? First of all of all, recording technology certainly changed the way that music is “consumed, ” as they say. That word has an odd connotation when it comes to music, because listening to a powerful, moving song or part is more likely to “consume” the listener, figuratively speaking, than the other way around.

Inside the same vein, listening to music does not put it to use up as the term “consume” would suggest. In simple fact, repeated listens can sometimes allow the track to reveal even more fact and power than we at first suspected.

This kind of is one reason why formulaic radio hits are shaped the way they are: they catch your attention the first time you hear it. Normally, they are also bloody across the world on repeat so that even people who are not attracted to that audio and style conclude knowing all the words. 

With the rise of home computers and the internet, some of that is changing. Illegal downloads have taken profits away from large labels, but convenience of access has also allowed many independent performers to thrive with no crutch (or symbiotic relationship) of a major company to get their music looking at potential fans.

That being said, it remains a battle. The net has become so saturated with free music, some of which – let’s face it – really isn’t very good. In this circumstance, “good” means well produced and presented. But the point is that the marketing model is promoting and free stuff has turned into a basic piece for internet users.

For downloading and giveaways have cultivated, too, to encompass other areas of business. Facebook or myspace contests and free loot for retweets are all the rage today. Thus that leaves artists and music lovers fighting to find the other person in a very messy, very disheveled virtual space. The internet does not always allow the best connections to happen, because most people want to listen to the music they know.

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