How Pillows Cause Health Problems – How to Easily Solve Them

Will you often wake up with a stiff sore guitar neck? Or, after a night times sleep do you go through from back or make pain?

Surprisingly, many people who have handled these health problems for years end them simply by changing their pillow. best sleep docter

In addition to neck, again and shoulder pain, the incorrect pillow can also offer you problems with fatigue and allergies.

Lets look into these in greater detail and examine how you can quickly get relief by changing to another cushion.

Neck Discomfort

If you wake with a hard neck many times through the week there’s a good chance you desire a specialty pillow.

Many people suffer neck pain after sleeping because their pillow case isn’t doing a good job of supporting their neck. Their head is lifted by the cushion but their neck is left sagging, which positions their spine out of alignment.

To combat this issue, consider buying a polyurethane foam contour pillow — specifically one made from memory space foam. This sort of pillow will work whether you rest on your back, part or stomach since it will support your neck as well as you brain and so alleviate any pain caused by poor the neck and throat support.

Shoulder And Backside Pain

If your spinal column isn’t aligned naturally while sleeping, you could suffer make and back pain on waking.

To avoid this you need to rest capable that is natural to the alignment of your spine. If your pillow case is actually high or too low this will simply be impossible. The answer then is to buy a pillow case that keeps your brain in alignment with your spine.

In case you sleep on a very thick bed, you will reap the best results by sleeping peacefully on a thick pillow case. And on the other hand, if your bed is thin, a slender pillow will help you to stay free of pain.

This may audio simple, but it is quite effective.


When ever you have allergies it is crucial to be very picky when looking for the right pillow.

Cotton bedroom pillows tend to accumulate particles mites rapidly – a huge no-no for people that have allergic reactions.

Instead, look for a synthetic fiber pillow – the one which mocks the feel of a down or lower pillow, but doesn’t include the allergens.


Exhaustion can be caused simply by not being comfortable enough during sleep. Cushions can contribute greatly to this!

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