How to Choose a Wrought Iron Chandelier Part 2

Made iron chandeliers come within an endless number of shapes and sizes. Deciding on the best chandelier can make a huge statement in your overall d? cor. A large number of people are often confused however as to how to properly pick the best iron lighting fitting because of their home. The proper selection of a made iron chandelier is determined by several factors. This article will deal with the second of many of those factors–material selection and finish. custom lighting fixtures

Materials selection is crucial in reaching the right look for your wrought straightener lighting. Most chandeliers that are mass produced are usually made of metallic tubing. Steel tubing is commonly used because it is inexpensive, light weight, and easy to bend over; these factors make it an evident choice for mass produced lighting accessories. There is a disadvantage, however, when it comes to using steel hoses as the principal material for quality wrought iron lamps. First, square tubing is not correctly square. The edges are slightly circular and so the scrolls that are formed from these materials generally have a light weight feel to them. Second, scrollwork that is made from metal tubing and included in wrought iron chandeliers is typically finished by by using a flattening technique at the end of the scrolls. These flattened ends can frequently give an otherwise perfectly designed chandelier a very cheap look. Finally, when steel tubing is twisted to form a browse, the initial point of bending leaves an unpleasant mark in regards in contact with a tubing bender. Whenever possible, solid material stock should be used to make a true wrought iron chandelier. Sturdy stock allows true blacksmiths to condition and constitute the metal to any desired form. Because the stock edges are true rectangular corners any scrollwork that is formed carries with it a heavier and more traditional look. Beyond the evident heavier feel that solid stock carries, another benefit to its use is the inherent surface finish.

When a chandelier or other wrought iron light fixture is made of solid material it typically requires heat to condition it. As the steel is heated it brings out the mill level of the steel. Since mill scale forms it gives a very unique and hand crafted structure to the metal. This kind of texture is further increased when the iron lamp, light fitting is painted. Following the careful number of iron lamps fixture material, the finish off should be carefully considered. Will the iron light fixture have a stable color or a hand-applied patina? Most wrought straightener chandeliers are finished using at least a two-tone painting process. There is typically a dark foundation coat of paint which is then lightly covered with a lighter color to achieve a further and aged look. Also, many wrought iron chandeliers are also highlighted with a third paint color to emphasize any special ornamentation. Choosing the right finish is a very important part in selecting the right wrought iron flambeau for your home. Will be you looking for an aged look? Will the finish complement other accessories in your home? Can you imagine your selected chandelier style in multiple finishes? Addressing these questions will quickly help narrow down the multiple finish choices that are commonly available. Tailor made lighting companies that can match or switch end options to meet your specific requirements can be very important in selecting your next wrought flat iron chandelier. Since not all manufacturers fabricate lighting features with the same level of care and focus on detail, one should be using proper questions in order to weed away the quality fabricators from those that are less competent.

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