How To: Floral Fashion For Men

Simply a true man can accomplish the feminine flower pattern. I dare to disagree. We’ve learned to love ourselves and appreciate other’s expression of who they are. A real man is someone who’s comfortable of who he could be. Nevertheless, don’t use this as an excuse to make fashion crimes. Let me personally help you style your clothes using floral habits that are not automatically a shirt. mens floral blazer

Shorts and Slacks

If you’re not comfortable pulling of flowery tee shirts, but you require a touch of blooms, you are able to go for flower-patterned shorts and pants. This kind of outfit is exquisite for summertime and spring season. Right now there are a lot of patterns and colors to choose from so avoid be afraid to try an experiment and merge and match with your other fashion pieces. These who said only women look good in florals doesn’t know how to shop. 


Who didn’t want to look lustrous like Harvey Specter, right? But, don’t be frightened to look polished and fashionably advanced. You no longer have to look unattractive while wearing a flower blazer. Like all other fashion pieces, these come in several colors and habits. The real key here is to choose the ones that will complement you and your lifestyle. Also, the interior shirt combo should balance out the floral veste.

Ties and bow scarves

This is for the guys out there who love suits! If you cannot wear flower veste and plants all the time, don’t fret. Blossom ties are here. You have an unlimited assortment of ties and bow binds to choose from. As well, they will go with any of your suits. Let your girlfriend or boyfriend say, Chuck Striper, is the fact you? Swoon!


Do not let the feeling consciousness keep you from showing your love for flowers. Show a sneak peak of that inner fashionista with rose covered socks. It is properly hidden relating to the shoes and pants it can easily only show a quarter of computer. Instead of a full-on exhibition of the people blossoms, tease them with a bashful showing off those clothes. It will also give added color texture to your outfit.


Absolutely nothing says loud statements than your shoes. You can go all classy or unfashionable simply by moccasin shoes that you wear. For guys who are into shoes, complete your collection with floral soles. From dazzling to dark colors, all you have to do is to take a pick. For your first pair, choose a color and style that can go with your life and fashion styles.

You don’t need to be a woman to be able to carry these fashion pieces. Confidence will always be an important and the belief that you look good.

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