How To Use a Head Lice Comb To Remove Lice

Utilizing a head lice comb is a deciding factor in removing nits and louse successfully and so you are not able to do without it. Brain lice comb can become of plastic or material. Metal combs have firm and fine teeth with very narrow gaps between and so they are more effective in removing louse and crushing the nits. On the other side, plastic combs are not as ‘stiff’ as steel combs, thus they might not be sufficiently strong to crush the nits. They are however, great in untangling the curly hair without creating damage to it like metal hair comb can. Combs

Metal headlice hair comb are widely available and is bought at local drugstores or pharmacies and supermarkets. Many medicated louse removing shampoo also come with a lice brush in the box. 

Steel comb for lice can have short teeth (less than 1 inch) or long teeth. Short the teeth lice comb are great for men or people with short hair, while long teeth lice brush works best on those with long hair.

When combing flowing hair with the comb, be certain to sparkle a light directly on the head at the region where you are working at, to enable you to see the lice or nits plainly. This is especially essential if you are working on your kid’s curly hair. You need to see if the nits or lice are being removed successfully. As you may need to switch on the lighting for more than an hour, it is advisable to use a florescent light as it will not produce all the heat as other types of light and will not cause the scalp to get hot.

The head of curly hair needs to be damp when you working on it with a mind lice comb, as it will be better to remove nits. Separate the curly hair into several one-inch parts and then start brushing it thoroughly, section by section using the hair comb. You should begin from the hair roots or crown and then comb down to hair ends. Brush your comb thoroughly after each combing action so that any lice or nits on it are removed before you work on your hair again. Following you are done, do it again this whole process after 7-10 days to enable you to brush out any remaining nits that were omitted and been hatched.

For those who have more budget, you can also get an electric brain lice comb that can kill lice effectively. That uses a single Long battery life and is able to discover and kill any head lice as soon as the hair comb comes into contact with it. Use this to work through dry frizzy hair. Once the metal the teeth touch a louse, it emits electric current, zaps the louse and eliminates it instantly. It will then get combed away of hair as you continue to work on combing through the curly hair. This electric comb is also very durable and is stored for future use.

Using a brain lice comb alone will not remove all the nits. You will still need to use home remedies or a remedied lice removal shampoo previous to that.

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