Interesting Places in Santander – Spain

Getaway is a much anticipated season for almost everyone belonging to every era as this is the time of 12 months when we can spend some time away from frantic and monotonous day to day life. Everybody wants to spend vacations a few wonderful place and Spain is the country which has lots of wonderful and interesting places. The country is enriched with plenty of good places, sceneries, shorelines, monuments, palaces and other sites. This article is about one good place in Spain the great spot for holiday tourists. tempat menarik


Santander has a very old background. It had been ruled by the Romans. This place was later employed by the Romance language King as a holiday resort. Alfonso XIII used to spend his summer getaways at Santander. This place was ruled by different nations having different made use of and civilizations and one can certainly view the influence of all those civilizations even today. The residents on this city are practicing these religions today. 

Tourist Areas in Santander:
The city has a port which has made this city more crowded for business reasons. People work here by using the port to do trade but this has not influenced the historical background of the city. One good location to visit here is Consistorial which is the location area building and this place is very famous for tourist shopping. Besides metropolis hall building, San Fransisco Church which was built centuries back is situated here. Should you walk along the same path, there is Cervantes Street where Biblioteca Casaa Museo is found. This building was once used as a selection great it has switched into a museum as well as library where you can find the writing material of Marcelino Pelayo who will be a popular writer.

After browsing art gallery, another famous place is La Cripta Cristo tall which also has some interesting history. Away from the cathedral, there is a ferry station which is another interesting traveler spot. Pereda Park is situated just next to the ferry station that can be your next visiting place. If you want to taste the conventional food of the location, you can visit Malaga which reaches the beach. You will surely like the food sitting in front of the great beach atmosphere. Paseo de Pereda is another historical place in the location. This building was employed by Banco Santander as his headquarters.

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