Islamic jewelry for men

The phrase earrings is derived from Asian word jocale, means toy. Nonetheless it is the most historical form of body artwork. In ancient times, earrings was used to be made from bone, animal tooth, shells, wood, carved rocks, etc. A specific part was made for every single part of the body. Aside from functional use, earrings was a symbol of riches, status and membership. That had been used to advance wedding dowries, to keep large amount of prosperity or to only for artsy display. islamic jewelry for men

With the growing influx of designer or art jewelry, people not only want to wear it but also don`t head spending lavishly on it. Such designs are made with coins, gemstones, treasured stones, etc. and they are set into important metals like gold, metallic, platinum, or white yellow metal. These days almost all of the gold charms is made of an alloy of platinum, stating its purity in karat by displaying a number then K. 

American gold charms are of 12 K which is forty one. 7% gold. Higher wholesomeness levels are 22K which is 91. 6 % pure and 24K which is 99. 9% real and these levels are being used in Asia, Middle East and Africa. For sterling silver jewelry, silver sterling or 92. 5% fine silver precious metal is used. Besides, the low-priced charms is available too. Such jewelries are made with glass, semiprecious pebbles, wood, shells, bone, cream color, etc. Beads, made of glass, gemstones, metals, clay-based, polymer clay and wooden, are also used to make bracelets, necklaces, diamond earrings, and rings.

Among the important stones, diamonds are said to be the best friends of women. There are other gem stones also like amethyst, dark red, emerald, etc. These rocks are set into platinum, silver and platinum structured on a techniques to get different finishing such as high-polished or brad. Brushed finishing gives charms a soft look, while hammered finishing gives a wavy texture.

Jewelry presented different significance for different cultures. Similar to Ancient rome, people with certain rates were allowed to wear rings. In other circumstance, during 19th and 20 th centuries, wearing of jewelry by men was considered effeminate. According to recent culture, piercing of body and wearing rings there has become a mark of courage, while other cultures are against it. Wearing of charms has religious importance too. Regarding to Hinduism, married women should wear necklace of golden and black drops, whereas in Islam, men should wear gold.

A brief history of charms dates back again to thousands of years. The first indications of charms were found, 40, 500 years back, in Cro-Magnons who originated from Central East and migrated to Europe. They used to make charms with bone tissues, teeth, stone hung and many others. Copper earrings traces again to 7000 years. In ancient Egypt, charms making is 3000- 5000 years old. They preferred precious metal to other materials and used colored glass instead of gems. Then the indications of earrings found in other places too like Mesopotamia, Greece, Italy, India, and China and all over.

The trend of modern charms made its debut in 1940s at the end of Ww ii. George Jensen and other designers propogated the idea of wearable charms using different materials like Precious Metal Clay, covers, semi treasured stones, and coloring techniques. Artisans also played important role in setting trends in charms. Now the earrings building has changed into a source of money also to gratify the enthusiasm of art.

According to recent studies, American market holds the major place with a market talk about of 30. 8%, Asia, India and China and the Middle East each with 8 – 9% and lastly Italy with five per cent. It is also believed that there will be dramatic change in the statistics of business by 2015, having India and China in the best position.

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