Martin Luther King Sunday School Lesson

Wanted: You will want to have a picture of Martin Luther King, Junior. to show the children.

Gather your students and ask them, Go of you really know what holiday down the road is?

Tomorrow is Charlie Luther King, Jr. Time.

Do any of you already know who Martin Luther Full, Jr. was? What can you show me about him?

Martin Luther Ruler, Jr. was an Black pastor who saw that white people in our country weren’t treating other people fairly based on the fact that their skin was obviously a different color. dr martin luther king jr day 2018

Have you ever seen someone making fun of someone or treating someone poorly because their skin was a different color?

In Matn Luther King, Jr. is time, African Americans were treated poorly when white people wouldn’t be sure to let them go the same schools as they did, or visit the same restaurants that they were doing.

Do you think God cares what color our skin is?

God loves everyone the same and thinks that it’s neat for all of us to have different colors of skin. That’s why God made us to have different skin colors.

As a pastor, Matn Luther King, Jr. realized that God loved everyone and that it was not directly to treat people poorly as well as to make fun of them based on their skin color.

This individual gave a really famous conversation one time that was called “I Have a Dream. ” In that speech, he talked about how precisely he dreamed for a day when everyone would be treated the same, whatever color their skin area was or what other distinctions they might have. He said that this individual imagined a time when all people would be ‘Free at last! free at last! Thank Goodness Almighty, we are free at last! ‘

What do you think this individual meant when said this individual dreamed about a day when everyone would be free? What did this individual think you need to be freed from?

Martin Luther King, Jr. knew that folks need to be free from being treated inadequately or unfairly by others. As a pastor, this individual also knew that folks need to be free from sin. inches

(Read, or have your students read, John 8: 34-36. )

Sin is the main reason people treat others improperly. It’s wrong to take care of people poorly, but if we trust in Jesus to forgive of our sins, then He can set all of us free from doing those wrong things and definitely will train us how to do the right things. When ever Jesus sets us clear of our sins, He will teach us how to love other people and treat other folks the way God does.

Is it possible to think of any methods you can show God’s want to anyone who has a different skin area color than you do?

Let’s pray about that.

Sample prayer: Father Goodness, we thank You for sending Jesus to reduce us for our sins, and we thank You for folks like Martin Luther King, Jr., who advise us that You love everyone the same. You should help us to love others how you love them. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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