New Must-Have Features in MP3 Players

MUSIC players have evolved greatly in the relatively brief time frame they have recently been in existence. The development of MP3 players has, on the most part, been based on the continual emergence of more recent and newer features; often turning MP3 players that had been seen as the ‘ultimate’ as much as gizmos went in one year into outdated ‘dinosaurs’ the next yr.

For those of all of us who’ve been observing player since they first surfaced in the twilight years of the 20th hundred years will remember that the MP3 of those times were only endowed with MP3 playing capabilities, and practically nothing else. That arrangement made it difficult for the makers of the MP3 players to market their products, because marketing of these kind of gizmos is usually based on what marketers call ‘product differentiation’ – and this was difficult to implement in a situation where are MP3 players came with standard functionality. mp3flex

So what the makers of the MP3 player did was to send their geeks back to the labs, to work and come up with distinctive features that the respective players would use to attract customers. Hence was birth of the wide variety in player features, now considered must-have features. 

One of these must-have features, as far as modern Music player go, is huge data file storage capacity. People are increasingly looking to get MP3 players that will not only serve as file playing devices, but also as file storage area devices. Advancements in flash-storage technology, the key technology that makes it possible to actually store bulky multimedia files in devices the size of MP3 players has made it possible to wrap up with MUSIC players that can store up to and including whopping 8 or 16 GB of music and video files. Consequently alluring has this document storage feature been, in fact, that we now wrap up with a situation where even individual MUSIC makers are using storage-capability as the key pricing-differentiation device, so that their devices can come with standard (and equal) functionality in all of the other respects; with only their different file storage area functions making for the difference in pricing to suit different budgets.

An additional must-have feature in MUSIC player is that of versatility in single data file support. Gone are the days when all we looked for in AUDIO players was the ability to play MP3 movies. We now find yourself in a situation where every MP3 player worthwhile its name must support a number of other audio tracks file formats, like the. WAV and. WMA. In this regard, the audio tracks file range and the possibilities in it he was exploited, we find ourselves in times where support for videos like. MPEG4 and FLAC is shaping out to be the next frontier as far as file support-based differentiation goes.

Other necessary features in modern MUSIC player include things like touch-screens (ideally TFT or color LCD-based), friendlier customer interfaces, and image/text taking a look at capabilities, in addition to versatility in os and other software support, to name but a few.

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