Nikon D3400 White Balance – What Is D3400 White Balance and Why You Should Understand It

Thus first of all D3400 white balance what is it all about? Very well, when you walk into a room, or even outside, the quality of the light and the tone of the the sun will change. It changes depending on whether you are in natural or artificial light and, if you are in unnatural light, what sort of artificial light you are in. Now your vision along with your brain filter all of that out, so usually you do not really even recognize it, nevertheless the camera will because the camera is quite objective whereas your eye along with your brain are quite subjective. Usually you do not want to take pictures in a light which has a color cast. If you do not notice the background color, then after the shoot, you might discover that your pictures either have quite a yellow or orange tinge, or have a significant blue tinge. The white balance – and setting the white balance – allows you to set the camera so that, effectively, it perceives what you want to see and it packages white. Now the important thing to remember about white is it is not really a single color, it is a combo of all colors therefore once you set white with the camera, the camera is able to set all the other colors consequently. Nikon D3400

There are two ways of looking at the Nikon D3400 white balance. The most evident one is when you are looking at your back of the camera as you press the i button and D3400 white balance is third over the top line and that gives you the option to select the white balance that you want. Nevertheless it does not let you change the white balance within those configurations. If you want to do that you need to visit into the MENU OPTION and then go into SHOOTING MENU, then you go down to white balance and you will see that you have all the options that you should see when you look in the i button, however should you press your multi-selector to the right, it is going to give you the option of either deciding to have a different option within that main sub-option (so for fluorescence, for example, you have several further options in neon which are all a little bit different) or should you not have different options then you have an option which allows one to change that option within the camera. You can do that utilizing the multi-selector and you could make either more green or more green or blue or more red. Personally, I think this is probably way too detailed unless you are going for a really specific look, but the standard way of changing, which is to return and just look at the general options in white balance if you are in the shooting menu, should be sufficient that you can decide your best option. But if you need to go in and change cloudy for example and set a little more red or a bit more blue then you can do so however you can not make those becomes that option from the i button.

So let’s have a look at what the D3400 white balance options are whenever we come out of menu and we will take a glance through them with the ibutton. The first one is AUTO. This tries to select the most evident white balance itself. They have quite a good car detection for white balance and most cases you will be fine on AUTO with the Nikon D3400. It is very good for some circumstances. The next D3400 white balance option is INCANDESCENT or tungsten. That has a significant yellow tone to it because it is more like candle light or home and residential lamps which tends to be tungsten lighting and so it will make an effort to take some of that warmth away – some of that orange and yellow through adding some of the blue to make whatever is white in that picture more white and less yellow.

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