No More “TV Tears” For Florida Truck-Accident Lawyers

The Florida Bar is breaking down on scores of personal injury legal representatives who are using unethical methods to advertise their services through dramatized “testimonials” from injury accident victims. The Florida Bar prohibits the use of these kind of emotional-based testimonials and even looks at any clients gained through this type of promo to be an infringement with their ethical code. The Callahan Law Firm

While the use of this type of advertising will not be limited to California attorneys before, the Sarasota Bar at the top to protect its people using this type of “ambulance chasing. ” The shock associated with motor vehicle injuries makes these kind of clients especially vulnerable to these kind of emotional appeals. 

A major category within these kind of personal injury claims come from accidents involving commercial vehicles. Florida truck-accident legal professionals know the trauma that pickup truck accidents can inflict on the families, friends and loved ones of patients of these kind of incidents. Mishaps involving trucks pose an unique group of challenges and complexities which are not present in the the greater part of other types of vehicle crashes. It is important, therefore, that you work with an legal professional that has experience in handling these kind of cases.

Although many trucking accidents occur at high speeds on the highway, even low-speed transportation accidents can have disastrous results. Due to their size and weight, the results of a trucking accident are generally much more damaging than those involving smaller vehicles. A large commercial truck can weigh more than 70, 000 pounds and can go up to seventy five feet in length. Mishaps involving trucks cause more severe injuries and fatalities than any other type of motor vehicle collision.

14 percent of all automobile fatalities in the Unified States are caused by truck accidents. Accidents concerning tractor trailer trucks are especially dangerous. Ninety-eight percent of the fatalities regarding trucks will be the passengers or driver in the other vehicle compared those in the truck. According to a 2006 Federal Engine Carrier Safety Administration record, there are approximately 141, 000 accidents involving vehicles every year. The record also noted that over 50% of these incidents were caused directly by the truck driver.

A choice to enlist the legal services of a California truck accident legal professional should be based on the reputation and experience of the legal professional rather than on the emotional-based appeals of ‘testimonial’ advertising. It is vital that the legal professional or firm you choose to represent your circumstance is familiar and experienced in working with the unique difficulties that truck accidents entail.

The Federal Motor Jar Safety Regulations require transportation companies to keep a variety of documents or items following a major accident involving one of their trucks. As a result, most trucking companies will often have a company representative or examiner at the scene of the accident within several hours, sometimes even while the involved vehicles are still at the scene of the accident and possibly even before law observance officials reach the crash location. Thus, it is very important for the victim of a vehicle accident to make contact with a qualified legal professional immediately following a major accident involving a tractor-trailer or any type of other type of commercial automobile. If you are a Florida resident or if the accident got place in the point out of Florida, a trained Florida truck-accident legal professional will be able to supply you with the legal guidance you need to guard your rights as a victim.

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