Packing Checklist for Moving Houses Dublin

Moving houses Dublin is a busy time without any doubt. Lots of tasks have to be handled one after another during this time. It is important to manage the time in a perfect manner. Optimum use of the hours, days and weeks must be done in order to avoid hassle at the end. From the experts, you may able to get advice. 

Both prioritisation and personalisation may be required prior to removal of furniture and other things from the home. The checklist must be maintained as much as possible. By taking advantage of a timeline, lots of issues can be handled in a perfect manner.

Four weeks prior to changing home

Packing process must be started minimum four weeks back. In case you do not have lots of things then matters can be managed with mere few boxes. Planning and organisation are necessary to achieve success in the process. Items that are not needed anymore can be kept aside at the time. It is better to employ an objective thought on the occasion. Special tools such as lawn mower, fishing tackle and sports equipment must be packed at the very beginning. Fragile items like art collection, dolls, figurines, stamps and coins must be packed with care at the time also. Everything must be done calmly to avoid damage. Safe packing process can be ensured in the process also.

Three weeks prior to changing home

If there are some things in the home that may not be required by you in recent times then focus must be shifted to those items during this time. Books must be set aside for the purpose of packing as you may not have enough time in the hand for the purpose.
Spare bedding such as pillow cases, bed sheets, bed covers, table covers and towel must be packed now. Some of the stored kitchenware must be taken into consideration at the time too. Extra sets must be placed in the boxes.

In addition to above things, you must look at the DVDs and CDs. By doing all these things, you may able to become a victor at the end.

Two weeks prior to changing home

Now, it may be the best time to pack rarely used items in the home. If you think then two weeks may seem quite a lot. However, time passes by quickly. Moving day may come to knock on your door soon. Therefore, you must start to look at the things very seriously.
Losing time may not be in the cards at the moment. In case there are children in the home then toys and games must be packed for purpose of transportation. Some of the board games can be kept aside until the last day.

Office supplies such as copy paper, pencil, pen, notebook and other kinds of material can be placed in the boxes.
Jewellery pieces must be given attention at the time too. It must be packed as early as possible. These things cannot be left in the house ever.

One week prior to changing home

Packing becomes stressful if there are only seven days left in the hand. Problems can be seen with the kitchen items at the time. If you lag behind in packing then efforts can be increased. Friends can be called over for help also. Professional packers can be hired at the time also for required assistance. Kitchen appliances and utensils must be boxed up.
By retaining few things to change, you must pack all the clothes. It is better to decide what to wear on remaining days especially on the day of the move.
If there is a need to disassemble the furniture then it must be done with the help of professional.

Two days prior to changing home

Packing must be finished almost by this time. In case plans have not gone accordingly then you must look for help. Remaining bathroom items, electronics and house appliances must be packed in separate boxes at the time. Quality packing of the furniture can be ensured with the experienced packers and moving consultant only. For miscellaneous items, additional boxes must be retained.

Moving day

Everything must be packed by the moving day. Essentials such as toothbrush and some other toiletries can be kept in a plastic bag. By looking at the house for the last time, you may ask the professional to transfer the items. Professional may do their job in a perfect manner. Issues with the removal of furniture and transportation to a new house may not be seen at all.

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