Online Marketing and the Spirit of Sailing

As you read the title of this article you may have said “but what does booking has to do with online marketing? ” Very well, you’ll be surprised. I use just returned from a 3 day racing booking regatta in the Mediterranean and beyond. During each race I observed the way we handled the boat and was constantly finding similarities at the way in which one must handle online marketing. Robin ooi

Let me start from the role of the skipper. The pilote is anyone who is responsible of the sevyloyr fish hunter 360 and the crew. Before start of the voyage, the skipper plans the course of navigation, checks the weather forecast and consults with the crew. The skipper is the best and takes the necessary decisions to take the fishing boat and crew to the known destination. In your online business you also have to become leader. You have to be constantly in charge of your actions even those in your private live. You plan your campaign, check with with other experts in your field and eventually take the necessary activities to reach your online business objectives.

While wind-surfing the crew constantly lean or modify the sails to achieve the maximum speed possible. The same applies for the online marketer. The online businessperson must constantly monitor the performance of the business besides making the necessary campaign changes to keep track of the market. 

The skipper and the crew are in control of the boat however they cannot control the sea and wind. The sea and the wind stand for the market to the online entrepreneur. The online marketer must keep an eye on what is going on on the market or markets as they change from time to time and one must take the necessary measures to modify and adjust to new market conditions.

The skipper and each staff member stay focused on their specific role on the boat and the same applies for the online marketer. One of the secrets of successful marketers is they stay focused on what they are doing all the time. I know a number of will-be online marketers who started well their business but then something occurs in their life and deviate from their online objective. It can be watching TV other than writing an article if not never recover the marketing momentum after a getaway. Stay committed to the objective and never lose sight of your vacation spot.

The destination is another essential aspect for both the sailor and the marketer. One may be a world champion in sailing and is going in open waters with no destination in brain. Precisely what is the scope of sailing in open waters and exactly how long can one do that? The internet marketer must always have an objective in any campaign or task. It could be nearly anything like producing 5000 guests per month or seeking to make enough money to buy your fantasy car or a surprise to your loved one. A realistic objective always offers motivation to the internet marketing expert to reach the desired goals.

While I are sailing at sea with that breeze in the face and listening to the waves caressing the hull, I always have a smile in the face and I enjoy every second of it. At the end of the last race, we were all tired and moist after 9 hours going in effect 6 breeze, but i was all happy as we acquired great fun and above all we also put second inside our class. In anything you do in your life do it with passion and have fun carrying it out. Online marketing can be fun only if is made it so. Life is quite short to waste your time doing something that you do not enjoy doing. Locate your passion and live it. If you are an internet marketer, find that industry for which you have passion for and promote its products and services and i also am sure that you will have a huge smile on your face while executing it.

I wish you a good day and live your love.

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