Safety of Static Caravans

As a proprietor of a static train, your obligations never end however when you have put resources into an occasion home, thinking about it is vital. In spite of the fact that consistent upkeep is required, it winds up noticeably basic amid the winter months to protect your venture. With each troop, the proprietor’s handbook is given and gives all of you the data required for its upkeep. Whiteford is a quiet, family orientated static caravan park with a large adventure playground, site shop and laundrette. camping Gower 

Wellbeing and Security

• Install legitimate secures windows and on entryways and guarantee that it is bolted when not used.

• It is wagers to fit a decent caution framework, that can be observed by the recreation center specialists or which alarms you by sending an instant message on your telephone.

• Take away any assets that you may have in the convoy, for example, LCD screens, music frameworks, costly delicate decorations, apparatuses and other electronic products that may allure hoodlums.

• Closed draperies increment interest so leave the blinds opens with the goal that anybody can see that the convoy is stripped down to nuts and bolts and there isn’t anything worth inside.


• Drain all the water framework when you plan shutting it for the winters to maintain a strategic distance from ice harm.

• If you are uncertain about how to do that you may request stop support help or experience the manual gave.

• Numerous occasion parks offer support and winter time help for shutting trains, for those that are short on time or don’t have the hardware to do it. In any case, this is at extra cost.

Checks Before You Leave Static Caravan

• Is the gas supply off?

• Did you kill the water?

• Turn on all taps and water outlets including shower head pipes however expel the shower heads.

• Toilets should be flushed and empty away the water out of reservoirs.

• Add some salt or radiator fluid in any outstanding water inside the reservoir or traps to maintain a strategic distance from ice harm and burst channels.

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