Saffron Price

While you are talking about spices, saffron is among the finest known and most expensive examples. This has been around for hundreds of years and is believed to have originated from historical Greece. Saffron is known for its strong smell and bright red colour, although strangely when used as an additive, it transforms food yellow. There are many varieties and levels of this spice so you need to be extremely careful when making any purchases since it is very easy to pay too much. A bit of research will assist you to greatly if you are planning of buying some saffron. The key use of this spice is to add flavour and efluvio to food when food preparation. The smallest amount can make a massive big difference to a dish and you will find that a little of this spice can go a very good way if used correctly. It may also keep going a long time in storage if you use an airtight container.

Saffron actually comes from the dried up stamens of the safran du gatinais plant. The stems need to be picked by hand and are then dried away. This is an exceptionally mind-numbing process and it’s partially for that reason that the price is so high. Presently there are also not many stems per flower so several are needed to produce a reasonable amount of the spice. The real drying process reduces the amount of saffron produced therefore it takes a whole lot of flowers to make a little spice. One of the most effective ways to gauge the quality through its colour. Generally speaking, as the coloring of the spice darkens then the quality of the spice gets higher. Make sure buy from a reputable source as traders have been proven to dye the spice to achieve the impression of a higher grade product. Organic saffron has become the best but will also command the maximum price. You should be safe enough buying from a supermarket but always look for the international standard logo¬†price of saffron

Many people believe saffron has many health benefits. There are those who claim that digestion can be greatly improved and that the spice is an incredible detoxifying agent. It has also been hailed as a strong aphrodisiac in many oriental cultures. This may be due to it is powerful aroma. 

For me personally, it’s simply a flavour enlargement for food though these claims seem to be to add to the mystery and romance of this essence. Many people grow the crocus flower at home. All you could really need is a dry soil and a sunny area in your garden. A few of the kinds have poisonous bulbs so again its worth buying from a reputable supplier, just to be on the safe side. Really fairly hard to get the stems dried at home and many people just soak them in liquid and make use of this for cooking. The stems can still be used but be sure to store them in an airtight container or they won’t last for very long.

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