Secrets of The Bible – The Lost Heavens

A great Enchanting Belief:

How captivating and delightful is the of immortal and everlasting life of Heavens! The luxurious and carefree life after death, where there will be life and only life. None will have the idea of loss of life. Happiness, bliss and comfort will be scattered all around. The gloom of woes, grief or sadness won’t linger there. It will have magnificent palaces and castles made of treasured pebbles and gems. Ambrosial food and necessities of life as well available without the struggle or toil. Rich green and blooming bassin, twisting rills, singing waterfalls and lakes could be the treasure of that dream land. The evergreen trees of the orchards will be laden with luscious, delightful and mouth watering berries. Rainbow colored and great smelling flowers will be burgeoning in the bewitching backyards. The dainty birds will fill the hearts of the listeners with their soulful songs. Mother Character will be kind enough to the dwellers of the land and there will be no bustle of seasons. Life will be at its perfect without the anxiety about condition and aging. Drenched in youth, lustrous and gently pretty nymphs will be showering the pleasures of life openly as the good-looking and young male maids will be holding to the zenith the wine in ravenscroft goblets. In brief, all a persons wishes, desires and longings which remained unfulfilled in this frail world will be fulfilled in that infinite and limitless life.

Effects on Individual Psychology: open heavens 2017

Everyone who is hopeful of attaining such life would obviously want to die sooner. All of us come to notice that this fascinating image of Heavens has occupied the human senses since time unknown and has also been the favourite opinion of almost all of the people. The idea of Heavens is not only found in the ancient spiritual legends, but has also been the subject of the literature of every era. But there is certainly one problem; the person that can enter that world is definitely the one who wins the grace of his Our god. Thus we see that the worshippers, ascetics, team, monks, mendicants and mystics of every era withdrew themselves altogether from the joys and luxuries of the mortal life and devoted their lives in worshipping their God in order to please Him and assure their place in Heavens. To gratify Him, many passionate people massacred the enemies of God and sacrificed their own lives too. What multitude of men and women have recently been made away to please the God? Perhaps the particular angels can keep the count of these lives. Who is the friend of God and who is His enemy? It could possibly never be made the decision. The religious history of humans lets us know that every nation believed itself to be the friend of God, while they believed that the other nations were created to fuel the open fireplace of hell. Even today, the Jewish nation says to acquire been the chosen ones as God guaranteed His covenant with them. Consequently, they are the only nation who may have the right over God. The Christians claim that Christ paid for all of their sins in the mortal life; therefore they shall be the ones to signal the immortal Heavens. In the other hand, Muslims believe the rest of the nations are sinners and polytheists, thereupon Our god will never be thrilled with them and being monotheists, only they should have the Heavens. Indians also believe except them, all other nations are maleech (filthy) and defiled and their life hereafter is doomed. Who is right among these nations? This will obviously be made the decision by the God who is the Lord and Creator of these countries. Nevertheless the decision will take place on the Time of Judgment.

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