Teen Talk – Phrases From the Urban Dictionary You Should Know

If this sounds the first time if you’re hearing about the apparent “urban dictionary, ” really probably because you’re too old for it or you’ve been living under a rock. The “urban dictionary” consists of road slang that can be used by teens in their each day language. While the assortment of words are ranging from the proper to the ridiculous or explicit ones, the dictionary is not to be taken seriously and used just for fun. definedictionarymeaning.com

Here are a few of the latest words from the urban book you should know. 1 of the recent terms submitted to the web page is make tapping. The phrase means using the assistance of other person older than 21 to buy liquor for the underage. The moment used in a word, this is a good example. “Let’s go clubbing tonight, but I lost my false ID so let’s just do some shoulder tapping. ”

Above is an example of the words used in several contexts and situations. Once an expression is submitted to the urban dictionary, there are also features online that allows users to rate the phrase up or down. Let’s look at another phrase and it is usage.

The slang is “food douche. ” This basically critic about a food item because get tasted better. Here is a conversation between friends:

Friend 1: I love this burger

Friend 2: It sucks, I’ve sampled better.

Friend 1: Can you stop being a food douche?

If you are a parent or guardian, you might want to check out the phrases from the downtown dictionary you have to know to understand your teen better and also to be able to connect to the latest trends. The urban dictionary is very cool as it covers different subject areas which range from fashion to music and lifestyle. Discussing look into one of these for fashion.

“What a cute shress that girl is using. ” Yes, you read it right. The shress is an article of clothing that is a fusion of the shirt and a dress. This can indicate an oversized shirt that is still chic enough as a dress.

If women are teased for PMS or mood swings just before their period, the urban dictionary also came up up with an expression for the male comparable version; the phrase is known as manstration. The consumption in a sentence is “Why are you crying and complaining? Are you on your manstration? very well

Do not get upset if someone tells if you’re a good hang. This is not an slander, rather a compliment. That actually means you’re fun to be in his campany.

There are hundreds of phrases in the urban dictionary that are worth reading- and using, if you are a teen. A few of them are even used in songs of young music artists. The book is growing in reputation because it’s hip to learn these new words and phrases that teenager’s use. You could also view the creative imagination of the phrases (such as blend of words) or approaching up with new key phrases to fill the book.

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