The Greatest Movies of 2009

With regards to movies, 2009 was a pretty solid year. Right now there were the blockbusters (Avatar, Transformers, Twilight), the wonder hit (The Hangover) and the feel good movie (The Blind Side). Right now there was even a great horror movie in Dukun Activity. But which were the best?

Here is a quick breakdown of my three favorite motion pictures of 2009.

Simply put, I couldn’t breathe during the Hurt Locker. That was that suspenseful. The cinematography and directing in this Iraq War audio piece is outstanding. Kathryn Bigelow did a fantastic job and deserved to win the 2009 Senior high award for Best Photo of the entire year. I think the award for ideal Director should have absent to somebody else though… the putlocker

Adam Cameron is constantly on the amaze all of us with his incredible creativity and brilliant options for offering his visions to all of us. The 3d technology in Avatar was unlike anything at all I’ve ever seen. 

Their no wonder this Character has become the top grossing movie of all time. If you failed to have a chance to see Avatar, it will be rereleased in IMAX after the summer is over.

I can’t state with the Hurt Locker room winning the best prize, but my personal favorite movie of the year was District 9.

If you didn’t view it, District being unfaithful manages to incorporate the story of an strange invasion in South The african continent with elements of the apartheid period. It is more than simply a research fiction and action movie; it is a (somewhat) realistic take how an alien invasion could play out.

With District being unfaithful, I was constantly being surprised. It was funny at times and it was crushing at others. You are not sure who to root for and who is here at times. I feel that is the idea, and I can’t wait to see what director Neil Blompkamp will do next.

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