The Human Condition – How It Has Crippled Economic Growth And Political Thought In America Part 1

The value of American real estate values is now being witnessed as major banks around the world have joined the Circumstance. S Federal Reserve to function cash into our banking system in expectations of stopping a worldwide economical catastrophe. Wall Street’s cave-in has resulted from declining real estate ideals precipitated by our home foreclosure crisis. myeconlab

John McCain, in televised comments on CNN September 19th located the blame for the financial disaster squarely on the back of the poor and minorities by claiming that Fanniemae and Freddymac, the quasi-governmental mortgage giants, are to take responsiblity for approving sub-prime mortgages in people that couldn’t afford them in areas that were formerly red-lined. This is a thinly veiled reference point to the mandate given by Congress to Fanniemae and Freddymac to improve the opportunities for home possession in minority communities. African-American and Hispanic borrowers are represented in the subprime market at practically multiple their rates in the conventional market. Never head that 61% of subprime borrowers would have certified for conventional loans or, according to Freddymac, hispanics and the poor pay mortgage rates on the order of one to two-and-one-half percentage points higher in the subprime market.

The Wall Street Diary did a study credit reporting what experts like Charlie Eakes at the Centre for Responsible Lending has been saying for so long – most of subprime borrowers had credit ratings worthy of a perfect conventional mortgage. By the end of last season that percentage rose to over 61 percent. Relating to their study many subprime borrowers could have been fooled into unaffordable loans by unscrupulous brokers.

Real-estate evaluation methodology has long failed to adapt for ethnicity discrimination, selective bias, as George W. bush has been around office his administrations version of Resource Side economics. Does, “The human condition” make clear why current real estate evaluation methodology does not acknowledge and modify for the lower values caused by the effects of Discerning Bias, Supply Side economics and racial discrimination on the appraisal process? Can easily lower appraisals, for properties in minority communities, generally be caused by these factors and, if so, can the loss be assessed in real dollars? Can be the failure of identifiers to adapt for these factors in charge of the slow-moving or non-existent growth of real estate equity in these communities? Was this failure a contributing aspect in the misrepresentation of value in Wall Street’s home loan backed securities and therefore shares to take responsiblity for the recent crisis?

The phrase, “The Human being Condition” is well worn and refers to the ages old conflict of accepted ideals like cohesiveness, loving and selfless actions contrasted with being man which is invariably competitive, aggressive and selfish. We all are capable of huge love and sensitivity, but we have already been competent of greed, hatred, violence, rape, murder, slavery and war. The human competition demonstrates a collective sense of guilt and pain from being unable to describe our duel personality. This has been seen by many scholars as the duty of human life or, “The human condition. “

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