The Stirrings of God In Lonely Contemplation

Too much of the time we’re too busy to fall into loneliness, in addition to busyness we’re further from God than ever, for God with the quiet of loneliness. Which is start… read more

“This is the job of the soul which most pleases God…
Do not allow up then, but labour at it until you really feel longing. For the first time you do you will find only darkness and, as it were, a cloud of unknowing. ” 
– Cloud of Unknowing (Anonymous)

Of course, finding God may get started there, but enjoying God’s Presence doesn’t end there.

We must be ready to reach in the lonely place – the cloud of unknowing – which is not a difficult place for many to arrive at. Right now there, in that place, where the soul feels dark and all alone, usurp emptiness with love. Certainly not by knowledge or storage or any other exterior thing. Allow the appetite you are feeling to be substituted with the heat that can only come through a gathering with The lord’s Spirit. Feel warmth. Think aglow.

Simply feel it.

It’s simpler than you think. Without adding anything at all, right in that depressed spot of being, feel horridly alone, with such a great longing that may not be healed, feel it.

Feel love. Feel cherished. Feel loving.

These are the stirrings of The lord’s Presence that are so simple we miss them unless we maintain it simple. Complication is the opponent of experiencing God.


Christmas can be the loneliest place on ground. Yet the loneliest are closest to experiencing The lord’s Presence, for love’s yearning craves what only Our god can give.

In secs of loneliness, the minute of hollow anguish, be warmed at the fireplace of love.

Do not frightened if you cry or feel overwhelmed. It’s The lord’s felt Presence that creates that integrity in all of us. We no longer need to act differently to the way you feel. And as feeling emerges, in being moved, transition from appetite into warmth.

In being moved by love’s warmness you’re experiencing God approaching close inside you.

Snooze in that.

Despite being overwhelmed, rest.

Once you have found it, you may return anytime, so cherish your loneliness.

Zero amount of knowledge about God can compare with the actual experience of Goodness.

Postscript: Over the internet closeness with God most paradoxically when I should have experienced farthest away. When life was nothing like it should have been, and when it was everything I hated, there, in the midst of that pain, was God. For my surrender.

Therefore, cave in. All your brokenness. In that case, once inspired of The almighty, go and do His loving will.

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