Tips to Fix Your Earphone Wires

Pertaining to the music lover, the earphone can be said as the important device. It is because the earphone which is linked to the mp3 player, iPod, or the cellphone allows the user to listen the background music in private. The earphone is also effective to help the users to listen the background music even in the general population places.

It is not easy to find the earphone that fills your needs. The earphone itself sometimes comes in collection with your mp3, ipod device, or even your cellular phone. It will be difficult if your selected earphone is broken. Yet , before you discard it, it is better so that you can consider correcting it first. galvanized iron wire

If you want to solve your earphone, you will need the various tools like cutter, wire blades, scissors, heat shrink tubes, the pliers, the electric tape, and the soldering iron.

The first thing you must do is scraping the plastic cover in the area in which the wire is damaged. Accomplish this step using the cutter. After you do this, you can separate the wires. You have to trim off the fibres inside the wires. This is better that you can do this using the scissors. If you find any crimps, use the huge pliers to straighten it.

The next thing you must do is twisting the wires with the same color collectively. You should twist it in the clockwise path. Flat the wires and attach them with the head shrink tubing or the electrical tape. 

Whilst you do the step above, do not ignore to heat the soldering iron. If you think the solder is hot enough, you can temperature the warmth shrink tubing. Carry out not forget to carry it using the pliers. Hardly ever touch any object where you will use the soldering iron with your bare hands.

The temperature from the iron will seal your earphone cables more permanent. After you heat the shrink tubes, let it cool down. You can attempt the earphone you have repaired when you feel it is cool enough.

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