US Presidents Honored on New Presidential Dollar Coins

The previous Presidents of the United States are being honored on a new number of circulating commemorative dollars coins. The Presidential Money Program started out in 3 years ago with the first four issues of the series honoring George Washington, David Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. The series will continue until at least 2016 honoring all of the former dead presidents. This is the third attempt by the United States Mint to produce a series of small size circulating buck coins. us dollar coins

The Mint first produced a tiny size money coin more than 3 decades ago. The lieu featured Susan B. Anthony, a famous figure in the women’s rights motion. The coins were a bit larger than a 1 / 4 dollar and metallic sterling silver in color. The gold coins were immediately unpopular with people because they could easily be mistaken for quarter dollar coins. The coins were struck for circulation only during lates 1970s and 1980. Special issues for collectors were produced in 1981 and 99. 

The second attempt emerged in the year 2k with the Sacagawea Dollars. The Mint specifically attempted to address the key problem with the prior series. To overcome the likeness with the quarter money coin, the Mint used an alloy of manganese and brass. This offered the coins an unique golden color. The cash also featured a clean edge, rather than the quarter’s reeded edge. In spite of the improvements coins still would not circulate widely. That they were produced for blood flow for two years in 2000 and 2001. Coming from 2002 to date, the Sacagawea Dollar coins have been produced for special coin collector sets only.

The latest series of dollar coins known as the Presidential Dollars appears to be an attempt to simulate the format of the popular State Quarter series. Instead of a solitary design, coins feature a number of rotating designs. Four different obverse designs are released each year featuring a different United states of america President in the order served. The coins have similar composition and golden appearance as the prior Sacagawea Dollar series.

One unique feature of the Presidential Dollar series is the incuse advantage lettering. Each coin features the year of mintage, mint mark, and mottoes “In God We Trust” and “E Pluribus Unum” impressed on the advantage of each and every coin.

Will this new dollar gain popular circulation? The us Mint is taking many steps to spur adoption by the public. So far this has included a special program to distribute the coins at face value and an advertising campaign launched in several major towns. Ultimately, the public will form its own thoughts and opinions, but since history is a guide, this will be another small size money coin which does not see significant circulation.

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