Using Jewelry Displays and Jewelry Boxes to Increase Your Sales

One of the greatest mistakes a retailer can make is not purchasing or purchasing too few earrings displays and earrings boxes. Displays do more then organize your earrings, they help bring the customers eye toward your products. Avoid all exhibits with special features. The best displays are the basic ones, after all you do not want to bring attention to the charms display but to the earrings which is into it. Good displaying ideas are color groupings. A large number of retailers divide their different styles of charms in line with the color of the screen, in essence creating areas of their stores that sketch attention to each basic style of jewelry. It can never a good idea to mix display colors as this gives seen a mish-mash of earrings and therefore lowers the perceived value of your jewelry. You want to use displays to boost the value, dividing your store into sections of colors is effective, specially when using sophisticated colors such as wine red, dark blue and red. We encourage our customers to  read full review about our products.

Many experienced retailers also purchase charms boxes not merely to give for their customers after completing a customer but to display their earrings in. The selection of boxes is determined by the quality and style of the earrings being sold. Again you want the customers eye to visit towards the charms and not the charms box. The box has to simply bring their awareness of your charms. Higher quality earrings needs to be displayed in top quality boxes such as Rosewood or Leatherette style boxes. Displaying your charms using charms boxes also increases sales of lower end jewelry. Usually organic cotton filled charms boxes are sufficient here. But to give particular influences use colors such as Dark Glossy, Cocoa Boxes or Kraft Jewelry Boxes. These kinds of draw the customers attention better than plain white. Also make sure the cotton filled boxes you purchase are made in the USA and never slim paperboard. There are a lot of Chinese made cotton packing containers on the market today, avoid those just as you do not want your earrings displayed in a poorly looking package. Doing so obviously damages the complete affect.

When first setting up your earrings in displays and bins test different ideas. Setups vary in line with the type of store you have. Thus don’t be afraid to move and change things around to determine what works best for you.

Author- Wayne Fetta, CEO Fetpak, Inc. Fetpak sells packaging supplies such as plastic bags, paper carriers, drawstring pouches, tissue newspaper, earrings boxes, earrings exhibits, countertop showcases, labels and pricing labelers, tagging firearms and tagging supplies, merchants supplies and shipping products. Distribution is to Merchants, Wholesalers, Organizations and Federal government.

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