Vasectomy Reversal – 5 Things You Need To Know

one particular ) What is a Vasectomy Reversal?

Vasectomy change is a microsurgical process which restores the movement of sperm through the vas deferens. Through the original vasectomy the vas deferens – the tube which carries sperm from the epididymis to the prostatic – is cut and clamped. This leads to no sperm being within the semen which is got rid of from the penis during ejaculation. A vasectomy change involves removing the toggle clamps and stitching the vas deferens together again, (or in a minority of cases actually attaching the vas deferens to the epididymis – a process known as the vasoepididymostomy) thereby allowing the flow of ejaculate once again. vasectomy reversal

2. How much does a Vasectomy Change Cost?

This differs from country to country. In america, the price of a vasectomy reversal is whatever from between $4000 and $20000. In some instances it could be possible to undergo the method under local anaesthetic at the surgeon’s offices rather than having to incur medical center fees. This will reduce the cost to as low as $2500 but is not possible in all cases – ask your surgeon if this is possible. 

3. What Are the Chances of Success?

This is determined by how long ago the original vasectomy was performed. The longer the time distance the greater the chance of blockage or destruction to the vas deferens. However the current amount of technological advances in microsurgery means that as many as 97% of men who undergo an uncomplicated vasectomy reversal experience a return to normal semen counts and 50% of cases resulted in pregnant state. However, if the original vasectomy occurred 15 or more years ago this figures drop to 71% and 30% respectively.

4. What Things Should I actually Consider Think about A Surgeon?

Make sure you are very well educated when deciding on a surgeon for your vasectomy reversal. The relative skill and experience of your surgeon will have a huge bearing on whether or not your procedure is successful. Ask the physician if he is able to perform a vasoepididymostomy using an operating microscopic lense. This can be a crucial question since most commonly it is only possible to tell whether this more involved surgery will be necessary once your procedure is underway.

5. Just how Long Will It Have Following your Vasectomy Reversal To Have A Possibility of Producing My Partner Pregnant?

That will be at least a year after your process that your partner has a chance to become pregnant, although statistically most pregnancies occur 2 years following your vasectomy reversal. The best advice therefore would be to not delay the procedure and additionally the longer the time distance between vasectomy and change the less chance of success.

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