Water Taxis – Taking the Tedium Out of Airport Transfers

For most holidaymakers, the airport copy can be one of the most tedious aspects of their trip. You might have been cooped-up in a plane for three several hours and, thanks to several screaming infants and shortage of sufficient leg-room, you couldn’t take that quick sleep you so desperately needed; then, when you’re finally off the plane, the kids get started whining about the size of the passport control queue; next, your luggage takes permanently to reclaim, and, overall, you’re sweaty, bothered and impatient to just get to the hotel and unpack. Sound familiar? In that case fear not! If you are obtaining at Venice airport – water taxi transfers might have the answer to your woes: it’s a stress-free, painless and simple way of navigating between your hotel and the airport and vice versa. taxi acqueo venezia

Savour the romance

Venice airport water taxi is, certainly, the most passionate form of airport copy in the world. You are able to recline in a luxurious speedboat – decked with vintage woodwork, leather furniture and comfy cushions – and enjoy the resplendent sights of Grand Business model. The experience is often marketed as an alternate to limousine travel, and you certainly feel special when travelling in a Venice airport water cab. Using a special chauffeur also increases the majesty of the experience, and then you’re made to feel like royalty – not like an object on an flow line as is often the case with airport transfers. 

Room for the whole family

Irrespective of what you might think, a Venice airport drinking water taxi can be really spacious. As such, you’ll not face any extra fee for bringing additional hand bags – a frequent problem with the regular, road-bound taxi businesses in Venice. In most cases, they can hold up to 10 passengers, which is plenty of room for a sizable family or a group of friends – and also the wife’s four shoe-filled suitcases! Although they can sometimes seem to be very costly, sharing makes the normal water transfer a cost-effective solution.


When you are transferring between your hotel and Venice airport, water taxi is a much faster option than public transport. You don’t need to to transfer to a Vaporetto, or walk a considerable ways to your hotel hauling your heavy bags at the same time. When you take to the water for your transfer option, journeys between the airport and a normal city centre hotel cantake as little as 20 minutes.

Tread carefully

When ever the Venice airport normal water taxi drops you off, be careful as there is certainly sometimes a sizable gap between boat and the boat dock, so this will require a short jump or a lttle bit of a stretching. Similarly, if you get there during high tide, there may be a drop between the boat and the boat dock; if you arrive at low tide, you will have to climb some steps, which are often very slippery and protected with moss.

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